Participatory Budgeting

On March 15th I went down to Lucan-Palmerstown to observe the South Dublin participatory budgeting project. I spoke to Independent ...
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Students for Sensible Drug Policy

On March 11th, I attended the 4th National Conference of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). According to their brochure, ...
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Mental Health in Ireland

One of the most popular outcomes of Fuller Democracy was improving mental health services in Ireland. I estimate the running ...
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Video: Fuller Democracy

Filmmaker Jonathan Victory followed my election campaign in February of last year to document how my message of revitalising democracy ...
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Working Opportunities for those with Disabilities

While I have been silent for a long while, I have been busy. One of the most popular decisions in ...
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The Water Commission, Reunification, Housing Plan, and the Convention on the 8th Amendment

Since the election, I have been focusing on putting digital democracy into practice, and I’m happy to announce that our ...
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Some Notes on the Census

With the census coming up this weekend, a few issues have been brought to my attention. The first is the ...
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After the Election is Before the Election!

It’s now a month since we went to the polls and I’d like to thank all 772 people who gave ...
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The Irish Language

Occasionally, I am asked what my stance is on the Irish language. As most people know I was born in ...
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My Stance on Right2Change

I attended the Right2Change meeting at Northern Cross in September of last year and I believe that Right2Change is a progressive ...
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Interview on Late Debate – RTÉ Radio 1

On Tuesday, the 16th of February, I was interviewed on the Late Debate on RTÉ Radio 1 alongside Jim O'Callaghan of ...
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Out Canvassing in Donabate

Ifedinma, Tony, Ake and myself were out canvassing again last Saturday - this time in Donabate. With about 3000 doors knocked ...
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Cruelty to Animals

A core part of my platform is introducing direct digital democracy (see here and here. For this reason, I can ...
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School Admissions

  Although the State is technically responsible for education, in that there is a Ministry that nominally oversees it and ...
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Disable Inequality Manifesto

Once again, because I am committed to digital democracy I cannot make pre-election commitments that may conflict with implementing participatory ...
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Repeal the 8th Pledge

I have signed the Repeal the 8th Pledge. This pledge only commits TDs to hold a referendum on repealing the ...
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Arthritis Ireland

I recently received an e-mail from Arthritis Ireland asking me to become an ‘Arthritis Champion’ and commit to appointing 6 ...
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My Position on the Breakthrough Manifesto for Women

As always, I’ll preface these remarks by noting that with digital, participatory democracy, my constituents will always have a binding ...
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Why I Cannot Sign Up to Pre-election Policy Pledges

As a candidate in the next Irish general election, I am often asked to sign up to pledges, binding me ...
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Jobstown Protests and Democracy

I unequivocally condemn the charges being laid against the Jobstown protesters in regards to the ‘false imprisonment’ of Joan Burton ...
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Oliver Dixon - from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Border_on_Killeen_School_Road_-_geograph.org.uk_-_446719.jpg - Used under Creative Commons license

Fixing the Road

Yes, we all know the infamous Irish road and the profound effects that the fixing thereof can have on one’s ...
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Direct Democracy Ireland

This is the second part of my series on Irish political parties and how my views coincide with or differ ...
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Decency for Dunnes March

I was happy to be able to take part in the Dunnes Store protest in Dublin on June 6th, because ...
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Africa Day Awards and Black History Month Ireland

I was able to catch up with the great guys from Black History Month Ireland at the Africa Day Awards ...
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We can’t back down over equality – we must demand more

Roslyn's article on the constitutional convention and why it is necessary to implement all of its recommendations appeared in The ...
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Some Thoughts on Renua

One of the biggest reasons I became dissatisfied with party politics is that parties have a tendency to criticize everything ...
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Three Reasons Why The State Should not Sell Its Aer Lingus Shares

1. Selling the Government Shares in Aer Lingus is Not the Most Profitable Option Aer Lingus is not a loss-making ...
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Roslyn Fuller announces her candidacy

Metro Éireann did a full-page interview with Roslyn on her candidacy in the upcoming general election. You can read the ...
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